Tube processing from a coil – here: for solar energy plants / collectors

Cut copper tubes chipless and with low burrs

Using coils when processing copper tubes offers remarkable price advantages compared to rods: Deletion of first cut and end pieces and storage advantages (compact storage of coils).

With the user frieddly straightening devices you reach calibrated tube diameteres within close tolerances. If necessary the tube also can be hardened during straightening.

Cost effective production is depending on reliably working machines and this is realized with the decoiling equipment.

This system, consisting of a driven decoiler, sensibly reacting air-suspension and the straightening device has proven its reliability already in tough production environments and allows processing of tubes with an outer diameter of up to 28 mm.

Cutting tubes chipless the cut/pull-technique guarantees cuts with low burrs. Deburring, washing or similar is no more necessary and mandrels may be inserted without problems due to the insignificant reduction of the tubes in the cutting area.

Thanks to a newly developed cut-pressing-procedure using the tube cutting machine RTA 75, with each separately driven knife and pressure roll, sensitive adjustment possibilities are available, that e. g. allow to add outer chamfers to the tube end in only one working process.

Besides of processing coils the treatment of rods is possible. In this process the rods are separated automatically from the bundle and fed to the tube cutting plant.

The cut tube pieces are fed into boxes by a special sorting system. By that the tube rods can be cut into 2 or 3 different tube sections.

For large tube diameters a ‘pulling’ of the tubes us no more possible. In these cases the patented ‘pull/break system’ is used.

(In case both materials – coils and rods – should be treated both feeding procedures can be combined)

Coil-tube-supply with uncoiler and equalizing roll.

Straightening device with 9 rolls. Adjustment without clamping.

Attachable straightening rolls. (no fixing necessary)