Cut curved tubes and pipes

Chipless orbital cutting of bent pipes.

With our “ROTAK” type machines, excess lengths of pipe ends and bent pipes are separated without cutting after the bending process. The machines can be used as well as integrated in production processes.

Depending on requirements, the pipe ends can additionally be provided with a chamfer or the inside diameter can be formed.

Thus, stainless steel and copper alloy tubes can be cut with 102 mm and a wall thickness of 2.5 mm.

Advantages – increase in productivity:

– Several working steps at one time (cutting, forming and/or grooving)
– Reduction accuracy less than 0,06 mm
– Easy operation
– Adjusted tube positioning

Technical features:

Tube diameters:
Tube wall thicknesses:
Tube part length:
Tube /pipe material:
from 6 to 76 mm (in special cases up to .. max. 102 mm)
max. 3 mm
mind. 8 mm ((longer parts as per specification/needs)
Steel, high grade steel/stainless steel, non ferrous metals

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