Systems & machines for tube processing

Automatic tube cutting machines

Cut-off tubes and pipes chipless and with low burrs – in a modular design

The tube and pipe cutting machines RTA 35 and RTA 75 cut tubes and pipes chipless and with low burrs.

The diameters handled range from 2 to 76 mm with wall thicknesses between 0,4 and 3 mm.

Various materials can be treated like…

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Tube cutting machine “Trennomat

with manual feed

The model “Trennomat” cuts steel, non-ferrous metal tubes and copper tubes as well chipless as the automatic machines, whereas by using the tearing device
cuts with low burrs are…

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Cut curved tubes and pipes

Chipless cutting and trimming of curved tubes and pipes.

The ROTAK machine is used to cut chipless surplus lengths at curved tubes. During this process the tube ends can be chamfered or the inner diameter can be…

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Tube end conditioning and end forming

Machinery for the conditioning of tube ends.

In many cases tube ends need an additional treatment.

By interlinking the automatic tube cutting machines with the end conditioning machinery short cycle times are reached. Furthermore transport ways and intermediate storages are…

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Cut copper tubes chipless and with low burrs

Using coils when processing copper tubes offers remarkable price advantages compared to rods: Deletion of first cut and end pieces and…..

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Automatic storage

Storage systems for pipes

The work pieces, e. g. from a cutting machine are automatically fed into the storage unit. Belts receive the workpiece. The belts automatically lower with increased filling. The workpieces are put on top of each other and thus use the smallest possible space inside…

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