Automatic storage

Automatic storage (“intake”) in containers and feed (“output”) of tubes, pipes, rods and parts for further processing => fast, cost effective and free of rejections.

Operating mode:
The work pieces, e. g. from a cutting machine are automatically fed into the storage unit.

Belts receive the workpiece. The belts automatically lower with increased filling. The workpieces are put on top of each other and thus use the smallest possible space inside the container. An intermediate buffer allows for a continuous intake of workpieces.

The workpieces are automatically taken by the magazine containers. After having been filled the magazine containers can be relocated to another place for
feeding to an output unit.

By automatically lifting the belts the workpieces are transported out of the magazine. The built-in separation unit as well as a handling device or robot provide for an automatic transfer of the workpieces to a processing machine.

Intake and output units are installed stationary at the respective location. The magazine containers are transported from the intake to the output units. Thus
workpieces in a quantity as required for continuous production can be supplied.

(A detailed description of this very economical solution for your production is available as a .pdf-file at the right. In addition the second column shows some explaining pictures)

Advantages – increase in productivity
– Stand-alone regulation of the output speed as per the cycle time of the following process.
– Automatic signal ‘full : empty’
– Speed > fast and cost effective

* sorted storage – reduced space needed
* careful piece handling – intermediate storage as per process needs

* easy extraction – reduced expenditure of time
* user friendly – reduced cost for personnel
* fully automatic transfer

Further advantages of the system
* economic batch sizes already with small quantities e. g. 250 pieces
* savings due to less machine-use, improved work flow, less rejections

Tube-/Pipe-/Part- dimensions
* Diameters: from 10 to 100 mm
* Lengths: from 150 to 3000 mm

The principle – sketches

Eingabeeinheit mit Zuführband

Detailansicht der Eingabeeinheit

Eingabeeinheit mit Pufferschacht und Tragarm. (keine Befestigung erforderlich)

Ausgabeeinheit mit Entgratstation und eingestelltem Magazinbehälter

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